Campaigners Blockade Killer Aberthaw Coal Power Station After Government Breaches Supreme Court Directive

WALES - People in Britain have started to awaken to the mass criminal failure of their government. It has proven absolutely inept in saving the 50,000 people dying annually from the air pollution pandemic in GB, with over 7 million killed world wide each year.

In reaction to this invisible genocide by ignorance of both the government and opposition, clean air campaign group Reclaim the Power have blockaded Aberthaw coal power station near Barry, South Wales.

Aberthaw Coal Power Station, Wales.

Aberthaw Coal Power Station, Wales.

Aberthaw considered to be one of the dirtiest and most deadly power stations in all the European Union. It kills over 400 people in the surrounding area, with a veil of smog clawing a dark and reptilian reach beyond the cities of Bristol and Cardiff.

The government instead of leading proactive action, despite an April 2015 Supreme Court order demanding "no doubt" for "immediate action," criminally wasted taxpayer money to defend it's air pollution genocide, by staging a case in the European Court of Justice to delay life saving action. Predictably, the government lost on it's scandalous escapade. The European Court, ruled that Aberthaw was in gross and deadly breach of European air quality laws.

Of course European air quality laws themselves are pitiable and completely contradictory to the fundamental protections of the very first human right to breathe clean air. Only zero fossil fuel emissions can be acceptable, how is there any philosophical defence of the known murder of one's citizens, when solution of their salvation exists? 

600,000 people continue to die each year from the Air Pollution Pandemic across Europe. All impediments the defence of these citizens, such as taxpayer money spent in contrary to Supreme Court orders, are now in violation of national security, which has been grossly compromised by the government's nefarious defence of it's mad stance.

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